Pavillon 21 Mini Opera Space

Visual design, programming and projection staging in cooperation with cat-x.
(2010, Opera Munich, Pavillon 21, for Coop Himmelb(l)au)

The architectural design of the inner space is enhanced and complimented by a mapped 5 projector setup developed by Hannes Köcher in collaboration with cat-x. The complex projection not only illuminates the inside of the pavilion but also sets the architecture vibrating through light movements, changing the perception of the space.

In interaction with the sound coming from the surrounding, these vibrations and movements interact and react to the respective input. According to the architectural concept with spectral information of an audio signal as basic element of the form, this approach is transformed into real-time for the design of the projections.

The edges of the architectural structure are emphasized by brighter projection elements. To enhance the contrast, the illuminated areas between them are reduced. A minimal color- and sound flow covers the surfaces; the spectral information abstracted from the current audio signal flows into these spaces.