necessities (2011) is on bandcamp, where you can also buy an album if you so desire.

necessities started out as a one-man project, but as with many projects based on enthusiasm soon my friends stepped in to help out in one way or the other.
flo „the hamster conspiracy“ prix was one of the early listeners of the first drafts for necessities, we ended up sharing our sketches and for some of the tracks he was on hand as the producer that i needed. he is also featured as a composer: „dream“ was originally an unnamed song by him that i reinterpreted for this album.
it was very clear that i want oliver „ollmann“ brunnbauer to do the mix, having already worked with him on „ferner liefen“. he has now his own feedback studio 2 in vienna, and i am looking forward to the final mastering at this wonderful place.
when i was in need of a female vocalist for „smile“, ollmann suggested that miriam „mimu“ mone would be the perfect match, and yes indeed, she was. what a voice! and what a talent to trash my pedantic timetable (she was working on her own album at the time of our collaboration, …).
my friend and makeup artist willie derschmidt played a major role in actually finding a face for hons. while i always knew how i might actually look as hons i never before tried. asking her if we could try a few looks was probably one of the better ideas i had. she also took the picture that is now the cover of the album.
and georg eckmayr brought the duty of producing a video for „gloom“ upon himself.
last but not least gilbert handler invited me to release necessities on his label ostblock rekords, a tiny label with a variety of electronic, electroacoustic and experimental music.
huge thanks to all of you, i would not be where i am without you.