Enclosure is a collaboration between Finnish performer/choreographer Satu Herrala, Italian landscape designer/visual artist Verena Holzgethan and Austrian composer/media artist Hannes Köcher. The process started with shared interest in memory and space and evolves around this curiosity. It’s a performative installation in which we construct, destroy and reconstruct various spaces by using simple, flexible materials such as sticky tape and plastic together with video projections.

We started the process in November 2008 and we did our first showing as a “workstation” at the Crossbreeds -festival in WUK on the 17th of January 2009. http://www.imflieger.net/deutsch/work/enclosure/

The second version of the piece was presented at Stückwerk in Tanzquartier Wien on the 18.-20. June 2009, and it was mentored by Saskia Höbling. The latest development, Enclosure I study #3 I, was shown again in Tanzquartier Wien at Wiener Tanznacht on the 10th of October 2009.

Here’s a  trailer and a rehearsal video.